Car Air Conditioning Gladstone

Auto Air Conditioning Service

Here at Signature Mechanical we provide a full inspection and clean of your cars air conditioning, we will ensure that it is performing effectively. Our mechanics are trained in auto air conditioning services, we are a trusted mechanic in Gladstone, servicing surrounding areas in QLD. 

We are ARCtick certified, so you can feel confident that all our services and repairs are up to Australian Standards. For effective cooling in summer and warm dehumidifier in winter get in touch with our professional team in Gladstone if your experiencing any of the following:


Signs you need your auto air conditioning serviced or repaired:

  • Unusual odors are being emitted from your air conditioning
  • Your system is making strange noises when turned on
  • The air coming out of your air conditioning isn’t cool or isn’t as warm as it used to be
  • If your dashboard is leaking it could be a sign that your hose is clogged

If you suspect that your auto air conditioning needs to be serviced or repaired, get in contact to make a booking. If you have a faulty component in your system, we’ll replace it with quality parts. We will filter out pollutants such as mold, pollen and dust. No more odors!

If you’re after a vehicle air conditioning system that’s leak-free and working at optimal performance, Signature Mechanical are the go to in Gladstone.

Pressure Checker Gauge For Auto Air Conditioning
Woman Pressing Air Conditioning Button In Car
Large Air Compressor For Auto Air Conditioner Repair in Gladstone